Friday, December 6, 2013

Favorite Combo...

Shirt: Madewell (sold out online) obsessed with this one, Sweater: Local Boutique similar herehere and here, Skirt: J.Crew (I had mine made shorter), Boots: Tory Burch also love these, Bag: Madewell (old) similar herehere and here, Necklace: Pink Pineapple Shop c/o, Bracelet: Pink Pineapple Shop c/o Glasses: Karen Walker, Lips: MAC Lady Danger

So obviously I have been really bad about keeping up with my blog posts lately. There are a couple of contributing factors to that. One, Right before Thanksgiving I got a cold. Two, I had family in town and was busy (and not feeling) good. Three, I have said before but it is hard to take pictures with my husbands work schedule and the time change. It gets dark so early! And four, sometimes I go back and forth with weather or not I should be blogging. Not to bore you guys but blogging can be challenging for me. It is hard not to get "sucked in" to the negative, materialistic and competitive aspects of blogging. I want to blog because it makes me happy and I have always been passionate about fashion and styling but sometimes the negative out ways the positive. Blogging is a lot of work and don't get me wrong I love doing it, but the when someone says something negative I think to myself why am I spending so much time and energy (that I could spend with my husband) doing this. What is the point??  I am not and never have been a materialistic person and sometimes since I have been blogging I find myself feeling like I am becoming that way and it really bothers me. 

So over the last two weeks I really have been going back and forth with what to do. I have decided that I want to continue blogging. But only because its it truly what I want to do and because it makes me happy. I can't compare myself with others or feel like I am not good enough. I just want to focus on the positive aspects of it and just keep doing my own thing and not worry about what someone might say about me. I don't want to get caught up in all of the drama because the it is not fun for me. 

With that being said I also want to thank all of you for following along and for all of your positive comments and feedback. You really don't know how much they mean to me and that is why I want to keep blogging. I am so thankful for all of you guys and I hope that you all find my blog to be inspiring and helpful. So thank you so so much! You all mean more to me then you know! 

On another note, Tomorrow is my birthday! I am so excited! Matt has planned a weekend for us in Miami! I am not excited that I am turning 31! I am getting so old. But I love birthdays especially with my husband because he is so thoughtful and always makes them so special . And I LOVE the dress I bought! It is exactly what I was looking for ( I love it when that happens). I can't wait to wear it! 
I hope you all have a great weekend! Thank you so much for reading... 


  1. You can't stop blogging! You are one of my favorites. I love how you style your outfits. You have a gift for mixing items most would never think of.
    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  2. Jade, Thank you for being so honest and sharing! I feel the exact same way and it is so so nice to know I'm not alone. I totally know what you mean about the the materialistic, comparison, and time aspects. I go back and forth a lot too. I just know that as long as you are enjoying it, that's what you have to focus on. I personally LOVE your blog and your style is so inspiring! :) Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad that I follow along! Have an amazing weekend!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  3. I love this, thank you for your vulnerability. I struggle with the whole blogging vs. spending time with my husband too, but it's all a balance. You are so good and what you do and we all love you for it! Have a very happy birthday!!


  4. First, I am glad you are going to continue to blog. I really enjoy your posts. Second, Happy Birthday tomorrow. You do not look 31 at ALL. And lastly, thank you for your inspiration. In everything you do, you will have negative comments sent your way. Just keep your head held high. Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Such a cute outfit! Love the longer plaid shirt under the cropped sweater! I am so glad your are going to continue blogging! You have such amazing style and you were a huge inspiration for me to start my blog! :)

    <3 Shannon

  6. Adorable outfit, and thank-you for sharing your thoughts about blogging! These are some things that I have wondered too, such as if doing fashion posts makes me seem superficial and materialistic. But I know in my heart that's not who I am, and if people can't see that then that is their loss and not mine!! I love doing fashion posts on my blog, and I will continue to do that. :-)

    Happy early birthday! Can't wait to hear about your special day!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  7. Hey Jade thanks do much for blogging. Your blog is one of my favorited. I adore your style and you seem like such a sweetheart. I can totally get how you feel about blogging. I had my own (crappy one lol) but I felt like I didn't have the energy or anyone to take good pics of me so why bother. It seems like bloggers are competing on who has this or that or they feel like they need a certain thing because all the others have it. It can be stressful for sure. On a second note Happy Birthday! I just turned 31 in September so I feel your pain! Lol hope you have a wonderful weekend


    1. Ps sorry for sounding illiterate my phone sucks lol

  8. So I've been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it.. I get what you're saying about the negative comments from readers though. People who have never even met you feel comfortable enough to slam you on social media for everyone else to read and it's so discouraging. I've learned to not let the negativity get to me, because for every person who doesn't like what I'm doing there's at least one other who totally loves what I'm doing. Plus, most likely the negative folks are just speaking out of jealousy. So, do what makes your heart happy and ignore those who can't stand to watch you shine.

    xo- Angela

    PS- we're birthday twinsies!!

  9. Jade, Thank you so much for your honest post about blogging. Last night my blog-parter and I were struggling with EVERYTHING on our blog (posts weren't working, background was messed up, we suddenly both hated the way it looked, ect) In my mind I thought about all of the fabulous blogs that I follow (including yours) and thought "They must have everything together now - but we probably all started out the same way"

    Your blog is amazing and inspiring all on one. Recently I have looked at blogs and it seems like they are all doing these fabulous things, but as you said, we can't compare ourselves to others. We have to remember why we each started on this weird blog journey!

  10. I hear you about blogging the negative aspects. I get total blogger jealousy sometimes, but then I think "Hey, I don't need those $1,000 pair of shoes, I need groceries!" :) Happy birthday tomorrow! I just turned 32 a few weeks ago. 31 wasn't too bad :)

  11. Such a cute outfit!!!! Love the touch of leopard...

    Happy Friday!
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  12. I really enjoy reading your blog! Happy Birthday! I just turned 32 on Wednesday...almost twinsies! Have a great b-day weekend!

  13. Jade, I totally understand how you feel about blogging. I have been dealing with the same struggles lately, and it has made me consider stepping back as well. I agree that it's important to maintain perspective and to not get caught up in the materialistic and competitive side of blogging. I am always trying to keep that in mind as I continue to push forward. Love your outfit BTW, and Happy Birthday!

  14. Jade! I'm so happy you're back! I check the blog every morning so was thrilled to see a come-back this week! I personally love what you do - You've inspired me numerous times to "shop my closet", not necessarily run out and buy something new! You're talented and passionate - and you should keep it up!! Happy Birthday!

  15. What a great news to hear you go on blogging! I know that feels, especially when now there's also the time factor making problems, but in the end it would be too sad giving up a huge passion of ours, right?!

    By the way, I didn't knew you're turning 31 already, you look so much younger - WOW!! Well, have a nice and enjoyable birthday :-)

  16. I'm having an "internal struggle" with blogging as well - but I'm trying to get back into the groove! I love seeing your outfit posts, and this one is no different - very Cher from Clueless, in a good way! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  17. I just want to say, that my sister recently turned me onto your blog, like last week, and I am obsessed! I think you are the cutest, prettiest, thing, with an impeccable taste for style that is very similar to mine! I seriously want everything you have, and if I don't have it already, I am buying it! Haha Cyber Monday was full of things you posted. So I am sorry to hear that you have been contemplating stopping because of rude people, honestly there will always be haters. I have never understood that, I can only say to you that it's sad, but they are jealous because they want to be doing what you are! Which is living your dream. So do you thing and just know that you have more people you love what you do, which is inspiring them! Also, happy birthday tomorrow! I can't believe you are 31, you look 21! I went to Miami last year, what a fun, gorgeous place! That is so amazing that you live there, you have incredible backgrounds!

  18. Please don't even think of quitting. I love your blog, and you have so much to contribute.

  19. I'm so glad you're going to continue blogging. You're really good at it and you've come so far! You have really inspired me with my blog and I love all of your looks, you have great style! I also love your blog design, I actually used Aubrey for mine too : ) Hope you had a happy birthday!! xoxo

  20. I am right there with you, girl. Sometimes the negativity that comes with blogging is too much for me and it's so hard to not take it to heart. I also agree about materialism, It is SO easy to get sucked into that and feel like you "need" an item so badly, when really you don't! I have to put things into perspective and realize that I can keep blogging, block the negativity out of my life, and continue doing what makes me happy and staying true to who I am!

    I love reading your blog and seeing what you wear! xo

  21. Love this look! The sweater over the shirt looks super cool. I just discovered your blog, I really like your style so I'm super glad you'll keep blogging!! Great work!

    xo, Ashleigh @ Fashion in Flight

  22. I think we all feel this way sometimes about blogging and it's great that you are sharing that because many of us can relate! It can be such a challenge keeping up in the blogging world but no way should you stop, you are able to connect well with you readers through posts like this and showcase your style, which we all love!
    Xo Natalie @

  23. I can't believe you're 31! You look like your 25! But thanks for being honest about the challenges of blogging. I just started and can see the pressures that can come from it-maybe it's just social media in general. Just keep doing your thing and going at your pace.

  24. I have consistently followed 2 fashion bloggers for a year or two and periodically find new ones to add in. However I usually drop the newer ones after a month or so because their materialism just starts to wear me out. (I get that an audience does exist for them, but, it's just not me). My most recent drop was because of an instagram post that said, "hanging in my Prada boots, 7 jeans and Burberry jacket in Vail, CO". I found you about a month ago and have really enjoyed your IG posts and hair tutorial. I really appreciate your honesty in this post; you became very relatable!!

    I'm sure you have given a lot of thought to how you will continue to develop your blog, but if you are interested why my 2 core blogs have really stuck with me over time, it's two-fold:
    1 - They REALLY make their blog their job. Networking/ fashion events/ sponsorships/ seminars/ speaking events/ guest blog posting/ etc. (And then post about it). I don't think I've ever seen these two bloggers get the infamous "What do you do for work?" question...
    2 - They frequently do 'staples' posts, or *this item of clothing* worn 5 ways. It encourages me to shop my closet more and not always have to go buy something just to wear a different outfit; and makes it appear that you do the same! (Btw, I do notice when you rotate items for different outfits; but it's because I'm purposely looking for it.)

    Sorry for the long comment, but all of that to say, I really like your blog! You are so pretty and you wear your clothes so well! Happy belated birthday!

  25. Uh, I would've never guessed that you're 31! You look like you're in your early 20s!

    Glad to see you've decided to continue blogging.

  26. Don't stop blogging! I absolutely love your style and get lots of inspiration from your outfits. I really love how you take basic/classic pieces and mix them into so many different outfits! Can't imagine what negative feedback you get...there are lots of unhappy/miserable people out there...don't let them win!

  27. I just discovered your blog! I love it! So glad you have kept blogging. It's so lovely to see a fashion blogger who creates realistic outfits for us followers to recreate at home, and tidbits on affordable styles. Keep doing what you are doing girl. Thanks for the inspiration! <3


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