Friday, September 5, 2014

Bump Date and Instagram Roundup

Dress: A Pea in the Pod, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Shoes: Yosi Samra, Bag: Gigi New York c/o, Necklace: Nordstrom, Hat: Nordstrom

T-shirt: ILY Couture c/o, Leggings: Blanqui c/o, Necklace: Purple Peridot c/o

Tank Top: Vince, Jeans: A Pea in the Pod, Scarf: A Pea in the Pod

Dress: Rosie Pope via Shopbop (sold out) also love this (non maternity) and this

Bag: Prada, Shoes: Nordstrom

Monogram: Pottery Barn, Stuffed Animals: Restoration Hardware

Dresser: Pottery Barn, Changing pad cover: Pottery Barn, Towels: Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, Pictures: My mom 

So today I wanted to do a quick Instagram round up because I get so many questions about where things are from. I am beyond excited about my new bag. I have always wanted a Prada bag. So I have been saving money and Matt finally agreed to me getting it. I had to agree to have it be my present for the next like three occasions we have coming up. But thats okay! I will take it! I love it so much! I know it will be something I have forever. 

I also wanted to do a little pregnancy update today. I haven't really ever done one. I think I will start doing it once a month, around when I go to the doctor, because I have been getting a lot of questions about that. 

I had my monthly checkup yesterday. I am 23.5 weeks. Yesterday my belly measured 24 weeks at my doctor appointment. So far I have gained a total of 13 pounds, which is right on track. So my current weight is 118. My doctor says I should gain about a pound a week at this point. I am not really craving any foods and there isn't really any foods that gross me out anymore. I have been eating a lot of fruit. I also love potato chips but that is nothing new. Oh and I really love chick fil a! I could eat it everyday. Thank God there is not one to close to my house or I probably would. 

I have been sleeping pretty good. I love my bumpnest pillow. I try to sleep on my left side. But my hip starts to hurt so I have to switch sides throughout the night. I miss sleeping on my back! Sometimes I roll onto my back in my sleep and when I wake up I get so nervous that I was like that for to long. I hate it! And I have been having indigestion at night time. It is so annoying. I have never had it before I got pregnant. But its nothing that I can't deal with. 

I feel her moving all the time. And the movements have changed. Its not just little taps that I feel anymore they are much bigger movements and I can really see my stomach moving from the outside. She is really active and it used to just be certain times a day that I would feel her most but now it seems that I can feel her more all day long. 

So far I have no stretch marks! Thank god! My mom or sister didn't get any so hopefully I won't either. I do have oil that I rub on my belly that I love but I don't know if it really does anything. I think it is mostly genetic. My belly button has not popped out yet and I have no idea if that means it isn't going to pop out or if it will later. We will see! 

I have my glucose test in 4 weeks. And I am not looking forward to that. They gave me the drink yesterday so I have it for my next appointment. I just really don't drink anything to sugary so I think it might make me feel weird. But we will see and hopefully everything comes back fine.

The nursery is coming together! I will share bits and pieces on Instagram but I am going to wait until it is finished to share it on my blog. There is still a lot to be done but I love it so much so far. 

We do have her name picked out! We have had it picked out for a really long time. Obviously you all  know her initials! And I am going to share her name sometime soon I just don't know when or how yet. But I am gonna tell you guys before she comes. There were a lot of good guesses on Instagram. 

Yesterday Matt surprised me and my mom with a quick ultra sound at one of the 4d places so my mom could see the baby before she had to head home and she could have a picture of the baby to take home with her. It was so fun and the baby was so cooperative. She was moving around a lot. I am still a little early for the 3d or 4d but she turned it on for a second and it was crazy to see her. We really got a good picture. The ultra sound tech was shocked because she looked so "mature" for 23.5 weeks. They all couldn't believe it. And she said she is definitely measuring on the bigger side. She has really long arms and legs. 

I hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for reading 


  1. Awwww, so much cuteness in one post!! 4D ultrasound is def. a lovely surprise! I remember seeing my
    daughter on such ultrasound and how much it was mind-blowing to "see" your baby before it's been even born :)

  2. You are looking amazing! Love this post and drooling over your bag. Can't wait to hear the name!

    Heidi D.

  3. You look amazing! It's so fun reading about your journey to baby :)

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  4. I'm soooo happy for you! Can't wait to see the little one!

  5. Love your style! :)

  6. You are adorable! So fun to follow along with your maternity style. The nursery is looking great!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. I love the baby change table, your belly looks rather small for a big baby so I guess that is good that you are carrying back a little further. Can't wait to see more nursery updates xx

  8. the nursery, all her bits are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pregnancy news. I'm currently undergoing treatment for fertility problems but I love reading about other peoples stories and I know you struggled at one point, so hearing your lovely updates now keeps me positive and motivated for what I hope to experience one day. X

  9. Yay for good baby news! I always love hearing pregnancy round-ups, they are so interesting. It sounds like everything is going great:) You look beautiful in your photos!

    xo, Taylor

  10. Omg you look so lovely and cute!!! Very nice outfits!

    G I V E A W A Y

  11. You are so cute!!!


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