Thursday, September 25, 2014

Denim and a Cardigan...

Top: similar herehere (on sale), and here, cardigan: Nordstrom (obsessed) also love this and this, Jeans: A Pea in th Pod c/o similar non maternity here, Shoes: Kate Spade also love these and these, Bag: Prada also love this and this, Necklace: purple peridot c/o also love this, Sunglasses: Karen Walker

I love wearing denim on denim. It is one of my favorite combinations. I have been on the hunt for some new cardigans. They are great for transitioning into Fall. I love that this one is chunky and slightly over sized. It is really comfy. 

So I mentioned that I was having some pain in the upper part of my stomach last week. Well unfortunately it came back. I haven't been back to the doctor for it yet but I called yesterday. Since I have no other symptoms they think that it is bruising to my fundus (the top of my uterus). It hurts when I move certain ways, touch it and when the baby moves in that area it really hurts. I am hoping it goes away soon. I have my monthly appt next week but hopefully it doesn't last till then. Have any of you moms ever experienced anything like this? Being pregnant for the first time I worry a lot. So I hate having any pain. It scares me. 

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  1. I also had pains in my stomach while I was pregnant. The doctor attributed it to my stomach expanding and like yourself, with it being my first pregnancy, I was scared/concerned that it could be something more. At one point, I thought for sure that I was going into early labor because of the pain. Eventually they went away for good and all was well; which I am sure will be the case with you as well! look amazing!

  2. Thank you so much! I thought I was going into labor last week as well! I am hoping it is just some bruising and stretching and nothing to be to worried about! THank you!

  3. I hope you get better...and everything is fine! you look beautiful and sweet!


  4. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon Jade! I love today's look! The denim and that cardigan pair so well together!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. Love this entire look!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  6. I've had pain like this when I was about 5 months pregnant with my daughter
    and I remember being scared as well, but I didn't had any other symptoms either
    so it was all fine, I just had to "lay it" through for a little bit.

    Fabulous necklace and cardigan! You look so beautiful and feminine!

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry - you're in my prayers! This outfit looks so comfy! Adorable.

    Stylin' Iowan Blog

  8. Stunning look! Hope you enjoying the pregnancy - you are certainly rocking it! xx

  9. SO sorry you aren't feeling the best! First pregnancies are so scary. Hang in there, Jade:)

    Heidi D.

  10. The aches and pains that come along with pregnancy can be so unsettling! My best friend and I both had pains while pregnant with our firsts. Sometimes it was lower, like round ligament pain and sometimes it was up high. The Dr. said it was stretching and pulling of the muscles and ligaments. I would make sure to drink a lot of water and lay on my left side. Hopefully it passes soon and you don't have to worry! Love your blog!

  11. I had the same thing with my pregnancy. I am the same size/stature and a lot happens inside to make room for her! Its' good to stay in touch with your doctor though- it will help you feel better mentally!

  12. I truly hope the pain goes away soon and that everything will be just fine. You really look beautiful, Jade! I love this denim on denim look.


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