Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holy Belly

Dress: Nordstrom (not maternity went up a size) also love this and this, Sweater: Nodstrom also love this and this, Shoes: Old similar here and here also love these, Bag: sold out love this and this, Necklace: Olive and Piper c/o, Sunglasses: old similar here

I have been so behind on outfit posts that I wanted to do a rare weekend post today. I love this dress from Nordstrom. I actually also have it in the maroon color as well. this type of dress has been my favorite to wear during my pregnancy. It is super comfortable and I like wearing fitted dresses rather then loose dresses. I love the color pink of this dress. I like it for something different for the holidays instead of the typical red dress. Also you can't really tell in the pictures but this sweater has little flecks of silver in it. Almost like tinsel, which I thought was great for the holidays as well. 

My belly is officially huge! I don't know if it can possibly get any bigger. I am 37 weeks and 4 days. We are really praying that she comes before Christmas! That would be the best Christmas present ever. My doctor made the prediction that she will come around 38 weeks. I really hope she is right but OMG that means we could have a baby next week! We are so excited!

So far I have gained a total of 27 pounds. The bigger she gets the more her movements shock me and kind of hurt! She has two favorite things to do. One she sticks her but out and my stomach will get hard in that one spot and totally deformed. She will just stay like that for a few minutes. It is so weird to see my stomach do that. The other thing she loves to do is elbow my left side. It is so crazy you can pretty much like see her bone sticking out! It really freaks me out. She is so active. Sometimes she will go hours without stopping and I feel like she is beating me up. But I wouldn't have it any other way because I know she is ok! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend. 


  1. I usually don't like pink but I love the pink shade of this dress, It's an unexpected color for the Holidays but it still works. You look great! I hope your baby girl comes before Christmas as well ;-)

    Xo Miriam

  2. I remember that at the very end of my pregnancy, my daughter was doing exactly the same thing, esp. that part with "beating you up". :D It must be SO exciting to know that you might see her any day from now on!! I think that you'll get the most beautiful and special Christmas present this year! :)

  3. such pretty pictures! you always look so amazing

  4. The dress is so pretty! The color looks great on you:)

    Shall We Sasa

  5. Oh my gosh, you are all baby! You look stunning in this dress too and I am so impressed that you are still in heels at 37 1/2 weeks. Way to go hot mama!

  6. You are gorgeous!

  7. You look amazing Jade!! That dress fits you perfectly and I love the color.

    I am so excited for you baby girl to come. 27 lbs are all baby bump....I'm only 25 weeks and already 20 lbs.


  8. Oh wow - what a lovely look. And those shoes are to die for!!

  9. Wow, it seems like your little princess is strong and healthy in there! I hope all goes well and it would just wonderful to have her for Christmas! I wish you all the best! You look beautiful!
    Red Reticule

  10. You look so beautiful! And I hope your baby girl will come out soon! She is going to be the prettiest girl ever!

  11. Congrats! You are beautiful. I really like the hairstyle you are wearing.

    x Kate

  12. Beautiful dress on you! I really hope she comes before Christmas too - what a wonderful gift that would be!

    x Sarah

  13. Gorgeous!This is so cool!!!

  14. Just when I think we've seen your last outfit post for a while you come up with another stunning look! That braid is just too good, though...have you done a tutorial in the past?

    Heidi D.

  15. You sound like a very proud and happy mom! I especially love your hair in this post, so beautiful!


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