Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby Gear

Today I have teamed up with Nordstrom to share some of the baby gear that I have been loving since having Andi. I never realized how much baby gear Nordstrom actually sells until I got pregnant. THey have such a variety of different brands. I found that Nordstrom was my go to place for most of my baby things. My store doesn't carry a ton of it in the store so I bought the majority of mine online. Which is great because they always have free shipping and returns. 

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller and Nuna Pipa car seat are by far two of my favorite things I purchased. Both are so lightweight and easy to use. I always knew I wanted a bugaboo stroller and I am so glad I got it. Both of these products are worth the money in my opinion. Even Matt who was skeptical about spending so much money on a stroller loves it. Every time we use them he is shocked how easy they both are. We use the car seat with the stroller way more then we use the basinet. 

The Nordstrom cable knit blankets are my favorite. I have them in every color. They are great for swaddling and they are really soft. Also the Buzz B nail file is amazing. I am to scared to use the nail clipper on her so this battery powered nail file has been great. And I don't have to worry about hurting her. 

Andi loves to be swaddled, I guess most babies do, If she isn't swaddled she wakes herself up by punching herself in the face. I originally bought one of these Aden and Anais easy swaddles and I had to go back and get two more because she loves them. And they are really easy to put on. 

All of these products are products I really use and love. I am new to this whole mom thing so I would love to hear other baby products that any moms out there use and love! I am always looking for suggestions. 

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  1. I had no idea that Nordstrom sold baby gear. Now I know where to go for some really cute things.

  2. Wow! That's an amazing selection!

  3. Thanks for sharing all your baby suggestions. We're having a baby in February, and your list made me feel really good about all the swaddling blankets, and baby gear we have purchased so far. :)

  4. Your baby is just a doll! The mustela products are the best by far! My "babies" are 9,6, and 4 but they have such sensitive skin I still use the body wash for them. The sunblock is also a must for our sunny southern califirnia weather. The mustela line is worth the price tag.

  5. Pick up a Nose Frida! Seriously the best baby gadget out there. The concept is gross but when your little one gets a cold and has a stuffy nose, this thing is THE best at clearing their little noses out. I had tried the battery powered nasal aspirators (not enough suction) and the bulb syringe (gave my daughter a nose bleed) and the Nose Frida is hands down the best!

  6. try the blooming bath! It is like a little baby spa for the sink. You use it to give them a bath and it keeps them warm because the plush material absorbs the warm water. It is so comfy looking and my babies loved it. It comes in all different colors and they also sell matching washcloths!

  7. We loved mustella diaper rash cream - only stuff that ever worked but the baby wash has perfumes and gave my kids a rash. We stuck with dove sensitive - less $$ and the ph is correct for skin. You'll find that often many gadgets aren't really necessary or worth the $ as you don't end up really using them...but they seem really fun to buy. Angel care monitor was the best thing we ever bought for peace of mind and SIDS. I think there are other versions out there these days.

  8. This is great Jade. I don't have kids yet, but I love making mental notes for when we do. I have enjoyed following you on IG lately, I can truly tell you love being a momma and Andi is a doll!

    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

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