Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend...

My pajamas: Ralph Lauren also love these and these, Andi's pajamas: baby gap, Bed: One Kings Lane, Nightstands: One Kings Lane, Bedding: Crane and Canopy 

Andi's dress: baby Gap (I didn't see it online), bow: Amazon, Sandals: Stride Rite

Dress: Greylin (it has pockets!) also love thisthis and this, Shoes: Valentino similar here and here

Bathing Suit: Becca (wearing medium), bottoms: Becca (medium) also love thisthis and this, Hat: Nordstrom also love this

Andi's dress: Halaboloo (my favorite dress she has ever worn), Bow: Amazon, Shoes: Freshly Picked

Dress: MInk Pink more sizes here, also love this and this, Shoes: Valentino similar here and here, Sunglasses: Celine

I hope that you all had a great Easter weekend. Here are a few pictures from our weekend that we took just with my phone. It was such a fun weekend and I broke the rules a little bit and decided to do a few things. I just did't want to miss out completely on Andi's first Easter. 

On Saturday we took her to her first Easter egg hunt in our neighborhood. There were so many people and she was just kind of mesmerized by the whole thing. It was really cute. She did get a few eggs. And they had a petting zoo. She fed the goats and was not scared at all. I think I lasted like 15 minutes sitting on a bench before I decided I should go back home. But at least I got to go and take some cute pictures of her. 

Then On Sunday all of my family came to my house. Which was so nice. Andi has the best time playing with her cousins. We had a Easter egg hunt in the house and just hung out and played and ate. My niece spent the night which Andi just thought was the best ting in the world. She is almost 5 and Andi just loves her to death! 

It was a really good weekend and it felt so good to actually fix my hair, put on makeup and get dressed. Thank you all so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great day. 


  1. Andy is so cute :-*

    Melanie / www.inblushandblack.blogspot.de

  2. Easter egg hunting and spending time with your family and relatives are those "small things" in life that are simply priceless!! Beautiful photo diary, you and your little girl look absolutely stunning and so "princessy" in all of the outfits. :)


  3. These pictures are adorable!

    Nikki Ann Blog

  4. Such cute photos, I love it!

  5. So glad you got to get out for a little bit. I give you props for what you're doing, I couldn't be on bed rest. You're such a great mom, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. So cute, I also love that flower print maxi dress on you, so gorgeous xo, Emily


  7. Cute photos! Glad you had a good Easter weekend :)


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  8. I'm so glad that you were able to get up for a little bit and get out of the house. I bet it felt so good! You look beautiful and Andi is as adorable as ever. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  9. You look wonderful! Glad to see you up for a little bit!

  10. Love the pictures & your outfits! Soo cute :)


  11. Hey! How doesn't the alligator clip rip out beauty Andis hair?! ;) I have a blond baby similar age to Andi and I've only had bad experiences with the alligator clip! But the big bow's don't come in non alligator :(

  12. Such sweet pictures <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  13. So cute, Jade!! Andi is adorable too :) I love her Easter outfit. I totally was going to order that Greylin dress from Nordy's but it's unavailable now... boo! Any way, looks like you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

    xo Raina

  14. I still can't get over the cat following you all around. It's adorable!

  15. Such sweet pictures Jade!
    xo, Shell

  16. So cute. Love your hair a lot!!! Could you share with us how you did your hair? Do you use curling wand? I tried my curling wand but I can't make my curl look like yours.

  17. Wow, Jade! I know you're having a bit of a tough time with this pregnancy, but you look insanely beautiful. You really do. And I can't believe how much of a little girl Andi looks now - she seems to be growing and growing by the day! So glad you had a lovely Easter weekend!

    Grace xo

  18. So cute!! I love that floral maxi!! You look radiant and what fun PJs!

    Sara Kate Styling

  19. Hi Jade, I can't comment on Instagram, so I hope you read this. My son was born at 34 weeks due to placenta abruption. These things just happen, not at all our fault, but all part of God's plan. NICU is so hard on Mamas and NICU babies have good days and bad days, but NICU nurses rock! Hold on to that feeling you had when you first held Lincoln, "hope that everything is going to be alright." It will! My preemie is now 20 years old! Lots of prayers coming your way and thank you so much for sharing your precious little ones!

  20. Hope you are feeling better! Miss you around here...

    xo, J

  21. Lovely dresses~ Thank you for sharing.
    What a lovelly girl :)
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  22. You’ve absolutely channeled her look so well! The dress is ridiculously sweet on you and I adore Chanel bag!

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