Monday, September 19, 2016

Instagram Roundup and Life Update...

Top: Free People also love this, Jeans: Ag similar here, Heels: Ivanka Trump also love these and these, Bag Louise Vuitton never full MM Necklaces old similar here

Shirt: Free people also have this one that I wear all the time, Jeans (same as above) Booties: Vince cameo (obsessed) also love these and these, Hat: old love this and this

Top: BP ($39 size up) also love this, Jeans: AG also love these, Booties: Marc Fisher (obsessed they come in 3 colors), Bag: Prada, Necklaces old love this

Sweater: BP (sold out) also love this and this, Jeans: Current Elliott, Shoes: Marc fisher (linked above) also have and love these, Bag: Celine, Glasses: Karen Walker

Sweater: Aster, Also love this and this, Jeans: Ag, Shoes: Ivanka Trump (linked above)

Sweater: Leith (obsessed comes in 5 colors) also love this and this, Jeans: Articles of society ($54) also love these, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Givenchy

T-Shirt: Madewell (comes in a ton of colors I am wearing small), Cardigan: Free People also love this and this Jeans: Ag linked above

Sweater: June and Hudson (also comes in black I am wearing small), Jeans: Ag, Booties: Linked above. Necklace: Bauble Bar (old) just bought this one

Dress: Lush (sold out) similar herehere and here, Shoes: linked above, Andi's dress is from Old Navy

Sweater: Bp )obsessed $39 and comes in 5 colors I am wearing xs) also love this, Leggings: Zella (my favorite) aldo love these, Booties: Vince Camuto from last year similar here and here

Sweater: Elodie also love this and this, Jeans: Current Elliott

I know it has been So long since I have done a blog post! If you follow me on Snapchat (Jadealisonscott) then you already kind of know what has been going on. But today I just wanted to share my most recent Instagram pictures and give all of you a little update on life with two kids under two and what my future plans are for A Spoonful of Style. 

So Since my last blog post (over a month ago) I decided that I was going to take a break from the blog. Mainly because with two kids and no help (we don't live by our parents) accept from Matt of course it just really was not realistic of me to be able to get at least 3 posts up a week. The only time I really had to work on posts was at night and I can not keep my eyes open. I would fall asleep at my computer every night and then I would get upset with myself for not getting it done. So I decided it was best for me to just not put the pressure on myself and just accept that right now I can't blog and that is ok. 

So that is what I did. Also let me say that I love being home with my kids and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be. My kids come before anything and everything no matter what. But with that being said I personally think it is important as a wife and mother to still have something that I love doing. I don't want to completely loose myself. I feel it makes me a better wife and mother if I able able to keep doing something that I want to do and that makes me happy. Obviously it might not be exactly like it used to be and I am fine with that. 

Over the past month I have decided that I want to keep blogging. So today is my first day back. I planned on shooting some outfits this weekend but that didn't happen and that is Ok. But since it has been so long since I did a Instagram post I just thought I would start with that. 

I don't know exactly what blogging will look like for me in the future. For now I want to shoot for 2 to 3 posts a week. I am not going to set un realistic expectations for myself. Im just going to start slow and see how it goes. 

Since my life has changed so much (for the better) since I started A Spoonful of Style, I want to incorporate more of my daily life with two kids under two. So once a week or so I will be doing more of a lifestyle/mom post. It might just be my daily routine or some favorite products or even just what we have been up to. But I think it is important to share that part of my life as well. 

Fashion is the reason I started my blog and I still want that to be the main focus but I also want to add some other things. I am very excited to sort of re launch A Spoonful of Style. So within the next few weeks I am planning on doing just that. I am going to get a whole new blog design and kick this off with a really big giveaway for you guys as a way of saying thank you for all of the support through this journey! So be on the lookout for that. I don't have a date yet but it will be soon. 

Life with my family now that Lincoln is home, healthy and growing like a weed has truly been amazing! Don't get me wrong I have hard days where I just feel like I am doing everything wrong and I just want to give up. But no one said it would be easy but they did say it would be worth it! And it is. My life is crazy most of the time but I wouldn't change it. It has taken me some time to get into a routine but now that we have one things seem much easier. Lincoln is changing so much so I am sure our routine will change again soon! and that is ok. Sometimes it seems like as soon as I think I have some things figured out they change. 

Lincoln is almost 5 months old (3 month adjusted). I just can not believe it. He is huge! He is over 16 pounds which is bigger than Andi was at his age. He has totally caught up as far as size goes. We still have some work to do before he his caught up developmentally! But I am so proud of him. We are doing physical therapy and we are seeing huge improvements. 

Andi just loves him to death. The first thing she says in the morning when we go to get her is Lincoln. It seriously melts my heart. She is the best big sister! I just feel so incredibly lucky to have two thriving healthy children. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

Thank you all so much for all of the support! I can't wait to start blogging again! I have missed it. So I am really looking forward to it. 


  1. I'm so happy for you Jade, there are few things as wonderful in life as healthy and happy children! I've been following you for a couple years now and I just love your style! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. You are so amazing! Thank you for sharing your story and helping me dress better :)

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! I can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us. You are an amazing woman, mother and wife and truly a positive inspiration :)

  4. It can't be easy trying to juggle it all but you continue to follow your passion with two beautiful little babies at home! You're an inspiration to many of us :)


  5. So happy to read that you and your little family are doing so well and that Lincoln has progressed so much! I loved seeing your Instagram outfits roundup too, I've been missing seeing your posts.

  6. Welcome Back Jade! I'm soooo looking forward to your new style of blogging! I first started following you for your awesome style and clothing reviews/recommendations.....But my life has also changed since I welcomed a baby girl in July! I can't wait for a little bit of baby blogging to be added to your already great blog! Thank you for all that you do!

  7. You are an amazing mom! I follow you on snapchat and it is so obvious how much you love your babies!! I'm so glad to see you blogging again! As a mom, I know how important it is to keep the things that made us happy before kids still play a role in your life. My daughter is my number one priority and she makes my heart so full, but I never want to lose who I am and what made me happy before she was born. Cant wait to see more posts!

  8. Yay! This made my heart so happy! I love following along on your blog because you have such a great fashion sense and you are clearly such a sweet Mama! So excited to read your Mom-life posts! Welcome back!

  9. Glad you're back!! I of course can't wait to see all the content you have planned and think it's great you want to keep this little space of yours since you enjoy it so much! I have enjoyed reading through out the years and even with the breaks, have SO enjoyed following your journey!

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  10. So glad that your family is doing well and I'm really looking forward to the new aspects to your blog!

  11. I am so excited for you! And I look to you to see how you are getting by as I have a 2 1/2 year old with another on the way! I am nervous for life with two, as I am home as well, but hope I am up for the challenge. I am still searching for that special part of me that I can do while I am home. So you are so lucky that you have found that even if it's on a slight hold at times. I follow your posts and snaps and love them all! Goodluck on the next version of your blog, can't wait to see it up and running! :)

  12. Awesome! Would love a post on hair products!

  13. Yay!! I've been waiting for you to incorporate a little bit of your lifestyle as a Mom. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I'm so excited to see what you have planned for your blog. :)

  14. I'm excited that you will be incorporating Mom life into your blog posts. I honestly had hoped you would do it sooner! I know lots of Moms that still care about style but appreciate the bloggers that give Mommy tips too!

  15. Welcome back, babe! It's never easy to keep up with blogging while life is so busy! Best luck with everything:) XX

    Shall We Sasa

  16. Good for you Jade for recognizing that its ok to take a break and enjoy those kiddos! Its so fleeting and you'll never regret it!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  17. Where did you get your pumpkin wreath!? It is perfect!

  18. I adore everything!:) TFS!:)

  19. Hi from New Zealand Jade. You're doing so well, and it's OK to cut back on your blog posts. We'll be here to read whatever you decide to post (and whenever).

  20. I would love to see more of your daily routine, mom life and how you manage it all... As much as I love fashion I would love to see more of what you would wear for a trip to Target or the market bc as a mom myself I don't have time to glam up or even the energy to look cute... sometimes it is nice knowing that the jeans and sneakers and sweats I throw on to wear are just as common amongst other moms. I am a loyal follower and was always saying little prayers for Lincoln! :)

  21. I was worried in the first place...I am happy that everything is ok ....
    Whatever u do as long as u r fine the rest doesn't matter...
    Monica from Romania

  22. Your style is chic and simple. I love it.

  23. Love reading your blog! Love how you incorporate real life and fashion! love your clothes too. I am pregnant with my first child so I have been purchasing a lot of the clothes you have been showing. Loving all the loose sweaters! I am 8 weeks and due in april so I need stuff that will grow with me. Would love to know what your favorite baby products are.

  24. I am sooo happy your back!!!!! I love your style, i love that you are an awesome mom and wife. We are here for you girl! Hope you have a fabulous day! xoxo

  25. You can do it! I'm just starting out as a blogger and have a full-time job so I can understand the balancing act. Looking fantastic as usual!

  26. Finding time when you have little ones is so hard, but regardless of whether you post once a week or once a month I'm always so happy to have your posts in my bloglovin feed! Every time I end up clicking and buying so many of the items you wear! So thank you because I don't have time to shop with two little boys and use blogs like yours to shop online and order my clothes that way. Now off to finish my order at Nordstorm........yay thank you!

  27. So glad to have you back! I've loved keeping up with your daily style on insta & snapchat, but it'll be great to see more of how you're making it work with two young kids.

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