Monday, May 28, 2018

I'm Back...

Dress: Eliza J (wearing 0p) also love thisthis and this, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman similar here (on sale for $49), Sunglasses: GucciThese are almost identical for $20. Earrings: similar here, Bracelets: The Styled Collection, Necklace: Made by Mary, Stroller: City Select, Andi's dress: Ruby and Bloom

Happy Memorial Day! I really can not believe that it has almost been a year since I have done a blog post! The time goes by so fast. I choose to give up blogging for the past year so that I could really focus on my kids. Andi and Lincoln are so close together in age and as you all probably know I don't have help with them. So I felt like in order for me to be the best mom I could be something had to give. I had to much on my plate. So blogging was what I had to quit for a while. 

As I am sure you know I still did my best to keep up with my social media, which is a job in itself! But actual blog posts are much more time consuming and I felt like I couldn't so it all unless I hired someone to help me with my kids. And for me personally that just isn't what I wanted to do. I am so lucky that I had the option to give up a part of my job to stay home with my kids. I know not everyone can do that and I am so thankful that I was able to. 

Andi and Lincoln are only little once and I will never get this time back and like I said it sure does go fast. So I am really happy with the decision that I made. But I feel like I am ready to start bogging again. Andi and Lincoln are a little older (3 and 2) and Andi is going to be starting camp this Summer and school in August. And they are both just a little more independent. Don't get me wrong I am not going to be blogging 5 days a week. I don't want to se to high of an expectation for myself and then feel disappointed when I can't get it done. So I am planning to start posting twice a week here and still keep up with my regular social media posts and just seeing how it goes. 

But on to my outfit, I LOVE this dress! It is literally the perfect dress for summer. I have worn it so many times and a bunch of different ways. It is super easy to dress up or dress down and I love that it comes with a belt! It comes in regular and petite and it runs pretty true to size. 

Also, I know I talked bout these dupes of my Gucci sunglasses on Instagram but I wanted to link them here for you guys as well. They are almost identical. the only difference is they don't have the double G on the side. But they are only $20 and I am so excited that I found them. I wear mine all of the time to the beach or the pool so if something happens to them I don't feel so bad because they were only $20. 

Like always, thank you all so much for all of the support throughout the years. It is crazy that I started this little blog almost 5 years ago. And it is even crazier that some of you have been following me from the begining. It means so much so thank you. 


  1. Great to see a wonderful blogger and mother making it work. Look forward to keeping up with you here and on social media. Great blog post!!

  2. Can’t wait to start reading your posts again!

  3. Welcome back! Loved seeing updates through social, but really excited for your blog posts too.
    xo Jen

  4. I'm so happy to see that you're back!! ♥

  5. Love that your back!! Missed you so much....and yes family is always FIRST!

  6. Welcome back.

  7. So happy to see you back to blogging! You are the first blog I ever followed and I always check back in to see if a new post has gone back up. I'm having my first baby this Fall and you are such a great mom! Love all your posts!

  8. Yay I've been following you since the beginning and love follow your social media. My kids are also super close in age (14 months apart) so I relate to you a lot !!

  9. Glad to see you back. I have missed your blog and I'm so glad you are back.


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