Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Back To School With Walmart...

Andi's backpack and Lunch box: here (only $12.99), Lincoln's back pack and lunch box: here (only $11.99), Andi's cardigan: here ($10.99), Andi's shoes: similar herePaintcolored pencilspaperPepa Pig bookAmelia BedeliaSesame Street booksEverything you would need to make kids lunches

I can not believe that the Summer is already over and It is time for back to school shopping. When I was a kid going shopping for school supplies was one of my favorite things to do. Im not really sure why but I loved it. Andi was supposed to be starting school the end of this month but as you all know we are moving. So once we get settled into our new house we are going to find her a school closer to where we are going to be living. So hopefully she will be starting soon because she loved summer camp. 

For as long as I can remember Walmart has been THE best place to get back to school supplies. They literally have everything you would need (for back to school and for everything in general). And not to mention they have the best prices on everything.

 I really love how they did their back to school portion of their website this year. Everything is broken down into age/school categories and then into categories from there. Like school supplies, clothes, backpacks etc. They also have a section for food and snacks and they have tips for making back to school easy. They even have a back to school checklist for parents! I was just really impressed with the whole website and how organized it was. It was so easy to find everything that I wanted to order. 

Another great thing about Walmart is that they have free two day shipping on most orders $35 or more. Which is perfect for me and I am sure for most moms because we are busy and I know I always end up waiting until the last minute to order things. And they also have a free shop online pick up in store options. So if something isn't available to ship by the time you need it you can always order it and pick it up online. 

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring todays post.*


  1. Oh they're so cute!

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  3. Hi Jade.

    I love all your styles from your clothing posts to you kids posts. I look forward to your post all the and I love camo too. Nordstrom is my store. It's also my birthday on Thursday. Would be amazing if I could win!😊

  4. Hi!! Love following your style and home decor!

    My favorite store to shop is Nordstrom!


  5. I love following you for your style, home decor and daily activities with your kids are so cute! Favorite store is winners!

  6. I’m 32 and never thought I wanted kids... that is until I stared following your insta stories. You’re children are so PRECIOUS!!!

    My face store is Dillard’s.

  7. Love your bring my closet inspiration! I have made many Nordstrom purchases because of your posts...fav store!

  8. Love your posts!! My favorite store to shop at for myself and my 14mo old is def Nordstrom!!

  9. I absolutely love your style and how you outfit everything! You’re one of my favorite bloggers to follow I love that you are versatile and look for good deals! Your blog is soo cute and my favorite store to shop at is Nordstrom. My email is

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  11. You are my #1 style inspiration! You’re always SO chic but still comfy, that’s what I strive for!
    I love shopping on Amazon! I’m a navy spouse living in Japan, and Amazon is one of the only good stores that ships here for FREE!

  12. Love your style! You are a huge inspiration to all my outfit choices. Love Nordstrom. From their customer service to the wide variety of brands.


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