Monday, October 22, 2018

Corduroy skirt and OTK Boots...

Top: BP ($25 and comes in 4 colors) also love this and this, Skirt: Blanknyc ($48 wearing a size 24) also love thisthis and this, Boots: Stuart Weitzman (favorite boots of all time) really similar here ($148 and 40% off) also love these, Belt: Gucci, Bag: Chloe Dupe ($41 and comes in a ton of colors),  Earrings: Anthro, Sunglasses: Gucci identical here for $85. 

Happy Monday! Where did the weekend go? I hope you guys had a good weekend. I am excited about todays post because this is a favorite outfit of mine. But the first thing I want to mention is that this purse is back in stock in this color. This color sold out super fast last time so if you want one you should grab it now before it sells out again. It comes in 20 different colors and is $41. I have been using it a ton and it is such a good quality and looks identical to the Chloe bag. 

Now onto my outfit. Like I said it is a favorite of mine. I love this basic ribbed long sleeve t-shirt. It is great for layering but I also love how it looks by itself tucked in. I paired it with my new corduroy skirt that I got in the mail recently. I love the color of this skirt and it is a great length. Its not to short and looks great paired with OTK boots. I added my favorite belt but the skirt is super cute by itself. 

I also just wanted to mention that the brown dupe to the Stuart Weitzman boots also come in black. These look so similar and they are $148 and 40% off. Which is a great deal. I am going to order them so I can review them for you guys because I have been talking about them a lot. They look amazing online. And they are a fraction of the price. Over the knee boots are a must for Fall and Winter. In my opinion they just take any outfit to the next level. 

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  1. I am obsessed with this outfit!! Perfect for fall in Florida! It was actually 54 degrees when I left for work this morning so we are headed into what little sweater/boots weather we have.

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  2. Corduroy and OTK boots is the perfect fall combo!


  3. Do you have any recommendations on OTN boots that will quick ship? The dupes you posted take 7-10 days just to process. Need them for the fall Florida weather this weekend!

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