Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Anniversary Sale Favorites...

 Dress: Truly Me ($44) I also got Andi This One. Both are so cute and still in stock. Shoes: Sketchers ($34) these run a little big. I also am ordering her these. And I can not believe these Mini Melissas are still in stock. They are on sale for $39. 

 T-shirt: BP ($11) also love this, Jeans: Ag ($149) these run true to size and are my favorite pair of jeans. Booties: Vine Camuto (sold out) also love these, Leopard cardigan: Sold out but I found this one that looks identical for only $28!

Pajamas: Nordstrom ($35) also love the pant version of these here, My Blanket: Barefoot Dreams, Andi and Lincolns Blanket here, Our Couch: Macy's

S Candle: Williams Sonoma, Pink Candles: Volupsa, Large white candle: Anthro, Soap Dispenser: Wayfair, Lazy Susan: World Market, Utensil Holder: Williams Sonoma

Top: BP ($25) still in stock and also comes in grey. Also love this and this, Jeans: AG (same as above) Also love these, Shoes: Sold Out also love these and these, Belt: Gucci, Rug: Orian Rugs

Today I just wanted to share my most recent Instagram pictures that are all featuring some of the things that I purchased from the Anniversary Sale. A lot of these items are still in stock. And Don't forget to enter the $500 Nordstrom gift card giveaway in this post. 


  1. I love how Andi takes her own pictures and stories now ��

  2. Booties, new jeans and a pair of sneakers for my husband!

  3. I loved your recommendation on the Anthropologie candles. Waiting for mine to arrive!!! Love your new house!!!

  4. I’ve been following you for a while, and he has really grown up I can’t believe she’s taking her own videos and pictures now. She’s definitely following in her mom is footsteps, and is a PRO!
    The house It’s coming along beautifully you inspired me to tidy up my own and get super organized. Along with some great finds from Nordstrom’s! Thank you!

  5. I love Nordstrom!! You showed some of my favorites! This gift card would be awesome!!

  6. I love this post, I’d probably buy the number one selling boots, some new Jean and the soft blankets you got for Andi and Lincoln, the purple ones would look great in my girls room!!!

  7. I love following your family I would love to get some super cute things for my 7 year old my husband and a some house stuff. Like that bear foot dreams blanket ��

  8. Some jeans, basic T’s & those leopard shoes that keep selling out!

  9. I would buy those adorable candles and the blankets you bought for Andi & Lincoln. I would also buy those boots, they are so cute!!!
    Lauren Crawford

  10. I love following your blog and Insta account! Congrats on the official move to your new home, it's gorgeous! I'd love to get some back to school clothes for myself (a teacher) and my kids 17 and 8!

  11. I would love to buy new outfits for back to school for kiddos and those giant candles! They look so beautiful!!

  12. Fun outfits for my boys, winter booties, and a cashmere sweater! Ive also been eyeing the glo pro tool!

  13. Hi I would love to buy something for kids some shoes and for me a Tory Burch purse �� yay. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you and your family. Oh and all your outfits are beautiful. I love them all.

  14. I LOVE your style! I will definitely be recreating some of these looks. Thanks so much for the cute inspo!

  15. I would be getting family picture outfits if I win!! Thanks so much for your amazing blog and insta!!!

  16. LoVe luv LoVeee! Thank you!~����

  17. Been following you for years after finding your imagines on Pinterest. I love your style and due to living in Australia I didn’t think any of the stores you shopped at post of Australia. However,
    I just found out Nordstrom do!!!! So I would love to win so I can shop until my hearts full so my
    Husband doesn’t get mad! Haha

  18. Fave blogger of all time! Hope there are still goodies left when the sale is open to all. I need some adorable fall goodies; a cute hate, cheetah booties, and a chunky sweater! Outfit complete

  19. Best style! I love how sincere you are. Your love for leopard print! ❤️

  20. Love everything you show, so
    Picking 3 things is hard! Definitely some Leopard or snakeskin mules, booties, new jeans since I haven’t bought any since having 3 kids!�� Probably spend most on hubby and kids, those blankets do look super soft too! Lol ��
    Thank you,
    Holly D. ��

  21. Loves these picks!! The candles are so good!
    BTW- Andi is seriously precious!!!!

  22. I love following everything you do from house stuff, to your sweet kids & target runs to food your making daily & clothing purchases of course! Love it all!! 🙌🏼♥️ And big Congrats on your new house, it looks beautiful! ♥️♥️♥️ Looks beautiful!

  23. Obsessed with how you pair things! I love that you give alternatives for sold out items as well!

  24. I have been following you for a few years now and have to say that I wouldn’t watch your insta religiously if I didn’t think you were a wonderful and caring person! Thanks for impacting my life in a small way each day!

  25. I already ordered some clothes but I’d love to buy some house stuff! Those gold and white candles are so cute.

  26. Love following you and ur cute fam! Can’t wait to see how you organize and style your new home! I always need inspiration!

  27. There’s so many things I’d want to buy!! Home things for sure as we are in process of moving. Would love a faux fur blanket! Some new Nike tennis shoes! A Rachel Parcell dress!! Ooooo and some pajamas!

  28. Jade, your anniversary haul is everything!

  29. Love following you and your family! I would use the gift card for a back to school spree for my daughter, she’s starting Kindergarten!!

  30. Living your new house stuff!!! Also, Andi’s try on hauls melt my heart!

  31. I just love your style! Fashion & home decor. You give me so many great ideas with 3 kids myself.

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