Friday, February 28, 2020

Victoria Emerson Sale...

Victoria Emerson is having a buy one get one free sale!

Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets are some of my favorite bracelets that I have. And I am so excited because they are currently having a buy one get one free sale! That is such an amazing deal for these wrap bracelets. 

I personally have four of the Victoria Emerson bracelets and I love wearing them. I have pretty small wrists and they fit my wrists great because you can wrap them as many times as you need to. I love that its one bracelet but looks like you are wearing multiple bracelets. They are a great price to begin with but you can currently buy one and get one free. 

They have so many different colors and styles to choose from. My next bracelet I want to get is a boho cuff. I love This one and this. And they also have headbands. You guys know I love some good hair accessories. I love This Golden Sequin Headband. 

I linked the wrap bracelets that I have along with some of my other favorites below that are all buy one get one free. Such a good deal. Happy Shopping. 

Thanks to Victoria Emerson for sponsoring today's post. 


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